you told me you wanted to look at the half priced candy at the store

so we went to the candy section and i stated that it must be swedish fish

you said “how do you know me so well”

i said “i want to marry you, of course i know what you like”

without a moments hesitation you pulled me into your embrace

it felt secure

the bond felt tightened

i knew that was where i was supposed to be

laying naked in your embrace the previous night, drifting asleep

discussing irrelevant topics such as my sporadic sugar craving

all while sharing an intimate moment

and feeling secure, loved, and not at all judged

knowing that permanent scars from tight pants were less important

than just hearing my voice

no relationship has ever been like this

is this what love really is?

is this what i tell children they will discover someday if they wait

if so, i am no longer an impatient child

to feel connected to your person

your other half

the universe is you and i



never forgotten

always there for you

never to let go

letting go would be losing everything i have

and i will never do that again

this is the way life intended to be for you and i

and it feels so good, so right, like nothing ever before

a single moment at the candy store

who knew it would open up into this



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