Featuring cover art by Psychodragoncat

Music to set theme- Blackmill- The Drift

CONTENT WARNING– Contains animal experimentation, artificial gestation (fetus that is both fertilized and grown outside the womb), strong language

Lucid Labs Corp. was the first and only genetic experimentation facility in existence. Many furs strayed away from it- the idea of genetically altering living things bothered them. Furs that supported the organization came and donated their seed, it was then used and combined with genetics of other animals to enhance certain features, such as smell or vision.. They had once implanted a bat fetus with the eyesight gene of a hawk, which ended in the bat using both sight and echolocation. It was not a very healthy animal, needless to say. Several experiments ended as failures, but some were successful. It was unknown how the facility managed to stay in business when it was looked down upon by so many.

The facility’s most recent project was just finishing its incubation that day. Its artificial development had ended after 60 days, the average gestation period for the animals it was comprised of. This particular project was unique in that scientists had attempted a new form of enhancement that involved combining body parts of different animals instead of just traits. A pair of raccoons had donated seed for this project, and golden eagle wing DNA was injected to see if a flying raccoon could be grown. What they had in the tank in front of them appeared to be successful.

The lead scientist on duty, a weasel, took supervision over the project’s completion. Making sure to take extra care, he gently lifted the newborn out of the small tank it had been growing in for the past month and a half. He carefully laid it on the table and reached for the scissors to cut the cord. As the blade sliced through the tissue, which fell to the side with a wet slap, the weasel noticed something strange about the newborn creature. It lay there, squeaking and shivering, with a light coat of fur. It had all four limbs, the wings had successfully grown, however they had grown on the back of the body, as opposed to replacing the two front legs. The creature had six fully functioning limbs. Traces of other eagle DNA appeared to have carried over as well, coloration being all that was visible. Instead of a regular gray raccoon body, the creature had the coloration of the feathers from the eagle. The body was light brown, however the feet were black as a normal raccoon’s. The face of the animal was arguably the most questionable. The standard raccoon mask had been messed up- the white stripe usually found over the eye was instead under the eye, ruining the illusion of the mask. It had what appeared to be a white ring across the top of its head coming to a point in the center of its forehead. The ears were a dark gray with dark brown fluff on the inside.

“Hey Tristan, come look at this thing,” the weasel called over to the other scientist on duty, who happened to be a raccoon, like the test subject. “Something isn’t quite right.” Tristan placed his petri dish he’d been examining back on the table and moved toward the squirming ball of feathered fur. “Let me see it, Don.” He gently took the newborn from the other doctor’s hands.

“This thing had raccoon parents, correct? The seed donors were both raccoons?” he asked. “The markings on its face are all messed up. I don’t understand how it turned brown. It doesn’t even have a proper mask like it should. This- thing is a disgrace to my very species. I want nothing to do with it. I feel for the donors who wasted their seed on this pathetic rat!!” He dropped the squirming warm ball of fur back on the table, next to its severed umbilical cord. “Waste of a month and a half’s work,” he grumbled as he walked back to his work station.

The weasel stared at the creation as it squeaked softly. “We can’t just leave it around the facility. I agree with you, it’s a failed experiment. It needs to be….done away with.”

“Oh yeah!! I’ll take care of the little shit myself, give it here,” Dr. Tristan immediately turned around and scooped up the newborn. “I’ll throw this thing right in the fuckin’ trash where it belongs, just like unfunny cunts say about my species. Those of us that are REAL raccoons, that is. Not like this horrendous piece’a shit. Outside with you, you little turd.” The raccoon headed for the back door, which led to the alleyway and industrial dumpster. He opened the door and a rush of cold air came flowing in. Without giving it so much as a second glance, he tossed the baby raccoon into the dumpster and retreated back inside the warm building.

As the cold wind howled, the baby raccoon crawled under a piece of burlap and wrapped its wings around itself to protect what little warmth it could contain. Long after the factory lights had gone out, hours after the last worker had left, it remained there, shivering and crying as the weather took its toll.

To be continued…



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