Origin- Isolation

Featuring cover art by- Shootsu

Music to listen to while reading, adds to experience- Resonance

“Cloud Terrace. All aboard, doors are closing.”

He stepped off the platform onto the train. It was a cold, rainy Saturday evening, and since he never stayed in one place, he had nowhere to go at the end of the day to keep himself dry. The train fare was only one tesl, and he made enough to get by just by fixing electronics on a case-by-case basis. Part of “getting by” was finding a place to sleep and shelter every night, and it looked like tonight the solution to both of those problems was the train to Cloud Terrace.

He chose the pair of seats near the back of the train, which was currently empty except for two others, a bear and a sloth. They seemed highly engaged in a conversation, and he- the wolf- was not one for conversation, rather, he was more for listening and observing. He leaned back in his seat and stretched a little, putting his large feet paws on the seats in front of him. He closed his eyes and listened in on their conversation-

“Well you know, they say they’ve found this star that COULD have a planet near it that supports life. It’s really far away though. There’s no way anyone over at NFSA would be able to find it in this lifetime. There’s no way, it would take hundreds of years, we just don’t have the technology.” the sloth was animately describing this to the bear, who seemed very intrigued. For a sloth, he wasn’t very slow — he seemed the exact opposite. He had to push his glasses back up onto his face every now and then because he was so hyper they would begin to slide off. The wolf caught sight of something on his arm- it was a bracelet, simply bearing the name “Maria.” He doubted the sloth’s name was Maria. It must be someone important to him. How lucky the guy was, and he didn’t even know it.

But that conversation the sloth was having — reminded the wolf of a dream he had just had the night before. In this dream — he was floating through space, amongst the stars. He chose space as his dream setting because it was relaxing. It was silent. No one was there to disturb his process and he could focus on crafting within his dream. For instance, he had already crafted a cloud to float on — and turned gravity back on within his portion of space to make laying on that cloud possible. As he drifted along, enjoying the tranquill atmosphere, something caught his eye in the distance. It looked like an reddish-orange ball — but it wasn’t colored that way from fire. It appeared to be the surface of a planet. All around the planet was a soft blue glow. He wanted to get a closer look, but a bolt of thunder in the real world abruptly ripped him from his dream.

Hundreds of lightyears away…..on an arid, odd orange planet….

As far as the eye could see, the surface of the planet was covered in reddish-orange sediment. Every few meters, there was a cluster of rocks, or a lone dead tree. It was dry, but it wasn’t necessarily hot- the air stayed at a comfortable temperature of about 71 degrees Fahrenheit, (21.6 C) protected by a thick layer of light blue gas. It looked as if nothing had lived on the planet for a long time- all the trees were dead, there were no sprouts, bushes, etc. There was not an animal to be seen, not even water to support new life. Except…a small movement could be seen behind a nearby rock. It looked like fur.

Behind the rock, a small figure was hugging its knees, and sobbing quietly, with a slight shake. It took on the appearance of a domestic dog, most notably a husky. However, many things seemed to set it apart from a standard husky. It appeared to walk on two legs judging by the position it was in, and its fur was purple. A sprout of soft hair sprung from between two very abnormally large ears- hair that was a very dark pastel blue with magenta highlights. Tears poured from eyes that were a clear amber, and a lavender tongue licked them off fluffy white cheeks. Upon further, closer observance, it also appeared to be female.

She sat behind the rock sobbing for hours. She was devastated. All her life she had lived on this planet; she couldn’t remember anything about how she got there or where she came from, she just always knew it had felt so empty. She needed something else, but she had no idea what it was or where to find it. The feeling had slowly made her increasingly depressed over time, and at this point the feeling of isolation was tearing her apart to the point of insanity. She was sure whatever reason she existed was not to sit on this barren planet for years on end. She was reaching the end of her rope.

She looked up from the rock, and an expression of clear anger was visible across her face. She had just about had enough of the pain. It was time for a change. Time to get out of that awful place.

She slowly rose from her position on the ground, up onto two legs. Wiping the tears off her face and letting out a small but powerful sigh, she knew exactly what she had to do. It would be difficult, but she would be able to do it in the end.

It was time to go.

To be continued….


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