Cassini’s Grand Finale

This morning of September 15th, 2017, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft (owned and operated by NASA) ended it’s 20 year research mission, burning up in the hot atmosphere of the planet Saturn. NASA wanted to avoid the risk of contaminating Saturn’s moons, so it was purposefully flown into Saturn to avoid destruction of potential words such as […]

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Part 1- Moving Forward

Featuring cover art by SimpleGuitar Bitter cold nipped at his nose as he awoke to the sound of a car speeding down the alley. It was dark, and he tried to figure out what was happening-he had no idea where he was, the only thing in his newfound memory was yelling, and a sharp crack as […]

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Featuring cover art by Psychodragoncat Music to set theme- Blackmill- The Drift CONTENT WARNING– Contains animal experimentation, artificial gestation (fetus that is both fertilized and grown outside the womb), strong language Lucid Labs Corp. was the first and only genetic experimentation facility in existence. Many furs strayed away from it- the idea of genetically altering living things […]

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Origin- Isolation

Featuring cover art by- Shootsu Music to listen to while reading, adds to experience- Resonance “Cloud Terrace. All aboard, doors are closing.” He stepped off the platform onto the train. It was a cold, rainy Saturday evening, and since he never stayed in one place, he had nowhere to go at the end of the day to […]

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